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Peter Freeth – The Serious Business of Humour At Work

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Publisher Peter Freeth of Genius Media Publishing joins Paul Boross to discuss The Humourology Book and all of the wisdom and wit that readers can find within the pages. Freeth and Boross talk about how The Humourology Book came about and just how important humour is in the workplace. Hear snippets of the great tips found in The Humourology Book and a few funny stories about leading with laughter.

Genius Media Publishing’s Peter Freeth joins The Humourology Podcast to discuss The Humourology Project. From humble beginnings to a published book, The Humourology Podcast gets down to the bottom of humour’s role in business and in life. Freeth and Boross discuss the journey of how an idea for a book inspired a podcast.

“Humour is one of the interesting things that characterize being human. If you look at any interview or read any autobiography people put funny stories in there. Humour is incredibly important for bonding. There is lots of research that says humour is instrumental in resilience.”

Hear how Paul and Peter worked together to share the importance of Humourology. From tips and tricks from three season’s worth of guests to the history behind humour in the workplace, The Humourology Book has it all. Listen to Paul Boross and publisher Peter Freeth discuss the process of putting The Humourology Book on the shelf.

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