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Dame Arlene Phillips – Comedy, Creativity and Choreography

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Award-Winning choreographer, dancer, and television judge Dame Arlene Phillips joins Paul Boross and The Humourology Podcast to discuss how creativity comes about. Whether in comedy or in dance, Dame Arlene Phillips knows that humour and performance go hand in hand. Hear how comedy, creativity, and choreography are closer than you could imagine only on The Humourology Podcast.

Dame Arlene Phillips has built a career on choreography, performance, and philanthropy. She joins Paul Boross on The Humourology Podcast to discuss how humour can help through the creative process. No matter how you like to perform, Dame Arlene Phillips knows how important it is to find your path. For this expert choreographer creativity can be fuelled by a sense of humour. 

“I’d love to be really funny. I think if you’re really funny, you’re clever to both worlds.”

Hear how Dame Arlene Phillips approaches everything she does with creativity and comedy in mind. From a judge on So You Think You Can Dance and Strictly Come Dancing to a choreographer on Broadway, Dame Arlene Phillips knows how to captivate audiences and express herself. Join the Dame and Paul Boross to learn the moves to get your audience moving, only on The Humourology Podcast. 

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