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Putting the punchline into your bottom line

Humourology is simply the art and science of using humour to create competitive advantage.

Comedian, business psychologist, pop star and keynote speaker Paul Boross brings his lifetime of experience to bear on the greatest challenge of the 21st century – how to have more fun and more success at work. Through his Humourology podcast, blogs and book, Paul interviews comedians, politicians, entrepreneurs and psychologists to uncover their secrets, he shares those extraordinary insights to make the world of work a better, happier, funnier place.

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Reviews for Humourology

“Everyone thinks they know about humour but very few people study and master it. Paul Boross has done so, and the result is important and insightful reading for anyone who wants to improve their relations with others and understand how humour works”. 

Lord William Hague

(Lord Hague of Richmond)

William Hague
Rory Sutherland Humourology Podcast

“Humour, like music, is one of those universal human pleasures which clearly evolved for reasons we don’t fully understand. But it is highly likely that humour evolved in some way as an aid to human cooperation and joint decision making. Why then do almost all business books assume that business has to be conducted with a po-face and in deadly earnest? Thankfully Paul Boross has finally put this right.”

Rory Sutherland

Vice Chairman Ogilvy

“What a fabulous book, and such a timely initiative. Paul brings necessary joy to all he does and all he meets.
Humourology is a wise, timely and necessary guide for all those living and leading in these turbulent and unpredictable times. Nothing brings us together and raises spirits more than a really good laugh with both colleagues and strangers.
As we coach and practice inclusion, we have observed that everyone relaxes and feels far more welcome when we take the time to share a laugh no matter where they come from or what they look like.
Humourology shows how not to fear difference – and how to reach out and embrace everyone with some self-deprecating humour.
You have to read it twice, as you will keep interrupting your initial read by constant smiling and sharing bits with your friends and family.
You won’t be able to put it down, but you might drop it a few times whilst laughing out loud.”

René Carayol

Leadership Keynote Speaker, TV Presenter

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