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Rick Wilson

Rick Wilson is an expert when it comes to using humour to reach people. How can you connect with others and move your message along? Rick says to be your authentic self. Be who you are, not who they expect you to be. When your audience sees that you are being authentic, they will be more willing to listen.


Rick Wilson is no stranger to US Politics. With over 30 years as a strategist, commentator, and satirist he knows that a bit of wit can go a long way. As a regular guest on Real Time with Bill Maher, Rick has made a career of using wit to win. Wilson is also the founder of The Lincoln Project, a super-Pac that put a pin in the re-election of former US President Donald Trump. Throughout his career, Wilson has learned that humour can pack a political punch.

In both politics and life, Rick knows that it is important to develop a sense of humour to deal with difficult moments. Finding the funny amongst the filth can build flexibility that will get you through any affair. Whether your toppling a terrifying world leader, or growing your business, Rick knows that having a bit of wit can get you through it.

“People who can’t find humour in anything who don’t have that sense of joy, even the shitty moments, you know, they, they are much less able to handle these things.”


Self-described as an atypical political pundit, Rick knows the power of being who you are and not who people expect you to be. Authenticity is all you need to capture and audience. Just ask Rick, he used authentic and honest advertisements to abate a powerful political campaign.

“If you have some authenticity, and an engagement with what’s really happening around you, you’re going to be funnier, you’re going to be more valuable and engaging than you will be otherwise.”

Join us this week on The Humourology Podcast as the hilarious Rick Wilson shares a plethora of powerful political parables that are sure to pack a punch to people of any political party.

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