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Sir Tony Robinson | No Cunning Plan

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Tony Robinson

Sir Tony Robinson knows that listening is everything. For Robinson, active listening is the best way to hear the heart of your audience. Want to connect with your crowd and get your message across? Robinson says listening is the key!

Sir Tony Robinson had no cunning plan but has built a legendary career as an actor, communicator, educator, entertainer, and presenter. Throughout his years as a beloved actor and the nation’s premier presenter of popular history, he has learned just how powerful a sense of humour can be. Whether communicating across cultures or pacifying a stressful moment, Robinson knows that comedic techniques can be the key to commanding a room.

Throughout his 20 years with the Time Team and a fully developed drove of documentary appearances, Robinson has mastered the art of entertaining while educating. Even in the most stressful of moments, Robinson knows that laughter can pacify people and de-escalate a conflict.

“One of the things about humour is that it can deescalate the situation.”

Robinson has learned that laughter and humour are human traits. When bringing an audience along or using comedy to connect, Robinson says that great timing can take you far. He says that comedic timing can be sensed by everyone and therefore humour is a human function. When we connect with comedy in the mind, we can bridge the gap between cultures.

Join us this week for a masterclass humour and humanity. Whether your cunning plan is sophisticatedly acting the fool, presenting a lifetime of popular history, or you just want to improve your use of humour in everyday life, Robinson is packed with powerful pointers for performing, presenting, and persuading. After you listen to Robinson’s lessons in laughter, check out his new programme, Britain’s Forgotten Wars, on Channel 4, looks at the lesser recalled conflicts in our country’s history.


Britain’s Forgotten Wars:
After WWII, Britain and her allies were embroiled in a number of serious conflicts around the world, many of which are largely forgotten by the public. In this six-part series, Tony Robinson explores the forgotten conflicts he lived through, combining his unique storytelling with the work of historians and the powerful testimony from eyewitnesses who reveal their experiences during the wars.

You can watch the series here:


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