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Jimmy Mulville – The Humour of the Hat Trick Hero

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Writer, comedian, producer, and co-founder of Hat Trick Productions Jimmy Mulville joins The Humourology Podcast to discuss his life of leading with laughter and producing with a punch. Mulville joins Paul Boross to discuss how humour can bring people together on the screen and in any audience.

Producer and executive Jimmy Mulville joins Paul Boross and The Humourology Podcast to discuss humour’s role in the television business. Mulville is the co-founder of Hat Trick Productions and is responsible for some of television’s most popular punch-line packed programmes including Have I Got News For You, Father Ted and Derry Girls

“Humour makes people laugh. It’s involuntary. It’s very good for the circulation. And it makes you feel very joined up to other people. And also, seriously, it fulfils a very serious role of reducing very difficult frightening concepts to a size that we can all enjoy.”
Hear how Jimmy uses his expertise to lead with laughter and how a sense of humour can get you through the hard times only on, The Humourology Podcast.

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