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How to be Kooky & Charismatic with Luke Pritchard

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Luke Pritchard of The Kooks joins The Humourology Podcast to discuss the melding of music and mirth.

Luke Pritchard has spent two decades making music as the front man for the pop-rock band The Kooks. Through multiple tours, chart-topping hits, and 20 years of music, he has learned a thing or two about what it takes to be a great performer and artist. For Pritchard humour often takes centre stage when it comes to building relationships and performing in front of sold-out arena crowds.

As the front man of a massively successful band, Pritchard has been front and centre on the stage countless times. When it comes to putting on a great show that captivates crowds, Pritchard knows you can’t take yourself too seriously. Humour can help remind the crowd that you are human and create a connection between performer and audience. 

“You’ve got to judge the room at the time. You change your performance because you’ve got to break the ice, essentially. That’s the key.”

Humour is not only important on stage, but in the green room too. Pritchard says that a sense of humour has kept his band, The Kooks, together over two decades of making music together.

“You still want to feel like you’ve got a connection with the people you play music with. And, and I think yes, I think humour massively helps with that.”

Join Luke Pritchard and The Humourology Podcast to learn how silliness and song go hand in hand. Learn how laughter can help a front man captivate a crowd and create magic on stage, only on The Humourology Podcast.

Luke Pritchard on Humourology Podcast

You can find out more about Luke and The Kooks here:

The Kooks are touring all over the world in 2023. Find the tour dates here:

You can buy The Kooks music and merch here:

Luke’s new project with Ellie Rose is called DUO:

It was great to spend time with Luke delving into his thoughts about the connections between humour and music. His takes on how silliness has been paramount to the progress of popular music were both insightful and fun.

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See you next Tuesday.


Paul x


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