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Helen Russell – The Happiness Habit

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Helen Russell – best-selling author and happiness expert – joins Paul Boross and The Humourology Podcast to discuss the relationship between humour, happiness, and mental health. Russell shares her insights into how humour can help lead to happiness by seeing the humanity in others.

Helen Russell is an expert on happiness. As a best-selling author, she has built a career on researching happiness and mental health. She knows that humour, happiness, and mental health are more closely related than you may think. 

Russell knows that humour can be used to cope with the trouble’s life can through at us. Laughing can help you build resilience that will power you through the problematic times and keep happiness and great mental health within reach. 

“When things were funny, we really lent into that. You didn’t have to think about the pain and the darkness. Growing up, you had the comedy switch turned on, then you didn’t have to think about the painful things.”

In addition to helping humans keep a positive outlook on life, Russell knows that humour is a valuable tool in the workplace. She says that a shared sense of humour is all it takes to bring people together. Leaders who cultivate comedy and a culture of humour are more likely to be successful with those they are leading. 

“I think that being funny in the workplace is important. Humour definitely helps with being happier and more productive. If you looked at maybe the number of days taken off sick, or just how teams work together, I’m sure you’d see that it’s a very good thing to invest in, in the workplace.”

Learn how humour can help cultivate a healthy lifestyle and bring you happiness with Helen Russell, only on this week’s episode of The Humourology Podcast. 

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I really enjoyed spending time with Helen as her genuine charm, copious knowledge, and positive attitude in the search for happiness gave me a lovely warm glow and the gift of giggles. Listen in now and she can do the same for you.

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See you next Tuesday.


Paul x


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