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From Paralympics to Parliament with Tanni Grey-Thompson DBE

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Decorated athlete Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson joins Paul Boross and The Humourology Podcast to discuss humour’s role in resilience in politics, sport, and life. Hear how Tanni uses humour to handle humans and motivate them toward success.

Tanni Grey-Thompson DBE knows just how useful humour can be as a tool to connect. She says that learning when to use humour in politics and in public speaking is the key to commanding a room and teaching others how to seize the day. Tanni says,

“I do a lot of public speaking, and it’s knowing when to use humour to get effect because people do remember funny things. And when to not use humour when you have to be serious.”



Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson is one of the most decorated athletes of all time. Her time as a Paralympian and wheelchair racer has taught her just how important it is to be resilient in the face of adversity. Tanni has continued to show her resilience throughout her journey as a politician. Whether she is on the track or in the House of Lords, Tanni knows that having a sense of humour is key to holding your head high when things get hard.

“If you don’t have the ability to find humour, or to look at things in a different way. I think it can drag you down.”

Tanni contributes her ability to be resilient in the face of adversity to sport and a good sense of humour. When others make ignorant and uninformed comments about her disability, Tanni uses her sense of humour to defuse the situation and educate others on the power of seizing the day and excelling through other people’s doubts.

“That’s why I use humour, because it tends to defuse the situation.”

Hear how Tanni Grey-Thompson uses humour in the House and resilience to advocate the disadvantaged in all spheres of life for disabled athletes across the country, only on The Humourology Podcast.

It was wonderful to spend time with Tanni and learn that her love of laughter and great sense of humour have helped her become one of Britain’s greatest Paralympian athletes and the ultimate honour of being created a life peer and sitting in the House of Lords

You can find out more about Tanni and her vast array of politic, speaking and charity endeavour here:

Baroness Grey-Thompson is an exceptional motivational speaker and can provide tailored speeches that deliver with the key messages and tone of the customer’s conference needs:

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See you next Tuesday.


Paul x


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