Robin Ince: The Infinite Laughter Cage

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Robin Ince

Robin Ince says that the best ideas never come when you are sitting at the computer. Robin recommends a regular romp around to get those creative juices flowing. Watching funny things with other people will help build positive neural pathways that will put the punch back into your productivity.


Robin Ince has spent years on the stage, page, and airways. Throughout his time in entertainment and education, Ince has learned the power of a laugh. Ince knows that Stand-up has its own set of psychological standards. When a comedian is on stage, he isn’t just telling jokes, he’s crafting his own reality.

“One of the things that comedians are doing is rewriting the world and controlling it for the period of time that they are on stage, or they are writing.”

Ince says that humour is one of the things that make us inherently human. Unlike other species, people are predicated on a punchline.

“I think that in humanity, so many different ideas of what we are, is explained by the fact that we need to make jokes.”

Ince says that humour can act as a tool belt. Its multitude of applications can help humanity through all sorts of difficult times. From being able to laugh at yourself to finding the funny in a terrible situation, humour can bring your back to being your best.


In the workplace, Ince knows that a sense of humour can help the hollowest of offices feel full.

“It’s always a fear that humour undermines something so much it destroys it. But very often it undermines it just enough to make it bearable to keep doing.”

For Ince, a bit of laughter can reform positive neural pathways that result in happiness and creativity. A midday laugh may just be the key to getting more done at your desk. Ince also stresses the importance of being able to live in the moment. Giving a talk or speech? A few notes will keep you on track, but you need to let the thoughts flow.

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