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Marisa Peer

As a celebrated author, speaker, and therapist, Marisa Peer has built a career on using humour to heal. Through her therapy practice, Marisa helps others re-frame their lives to see the humour in every horror.

Marisa and Paul talking on Humourology

When healing the mind and overcoming personal issues Marisa says, “Being able to laugh even at yourself is so important.”
Marisa’s love of lessons through laughter is just one reason that she has a client list that includes international superstars, CEOs, royalty and Olympic athletes.

She is a firm believer that humour can be used as a tool to heal our bodies and our mind. She insists that everyone can “laugh themselves younger” and with a few giggles a day you’ll glow like Goldie Hawn.

Marisa uses her expertise in helping others to discuss not only when humour can help, but also when it can hurt. Laughter, when focused on the right target, can blow personal issues and mental maladies to bits. However, Marisa says, when aimed in the wrong direction, can hinder the healing process and be detrimental to someone’s self-image.

When applied to business, Marisa says that humour will keep your workforce happier, healthier, and hanging on your every word.

podcast review/rating

Podcast review/rating


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