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James Longman | Producing the Laugh

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James Longman

“I have only been funny about seventy-four percent of the time. Yes I think that is right. Seventy-four percent of the time.” – Will Ferrell

James Longman boasts an impressive career of producing the punchline. The winner of two Emmy’s while working on the Late Late Show with James Cordon, Longman knows a thing or two about what is funny. Whether with massively famous guests like Tom Cruise and Michelle Obama or an entire audience across the globe, Longman understands the importance of sharing a laugh.

A childhood filled with silliness taught Longman the value of laughter. Through a long and impressive career in both British and American television, Longman has sharpened his skills as a storyteller. Whether on set or surrounded by employees, Longman believes that the key to reaching people is in a good story. He reminisces about one of Hollywood’s funniest faces, Will Ferrell, and his ability to tell great stories that make people laugh.

“Humor provides a moment of levity that takes you away from the misery, the tough things in life. It lifts you up.”

Longman knows that happier people work harder. In the cut-throat world of Hollywood, the workplace can be stressful. What’s the key to keeping your creative crews comfortable? A great sense of humour of course.

“I think being funny is a massive attribute to anyone in life, I think because it can get you through a lot of situations where you don’t necessarily have the skill to do something.”

Longman believes that the best light in the darkest of times is a laugh. When things get difficult in business and in life, a flip of the humour switch can make it right. Whether you’re mucking about with McCartney, cutting loose with Cruise, or just advising Amy in accounts; humour helps bring life to any conversation.

Thanks for all the kind words about the nominations for the awards.

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