Careering from Comedy to Counselling

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Iain shares his journey from a performer struggling with mental health and addiction to a counsellor who helps others heal only on The Humourology Podcast.

Former I’m A Celebrity, finalist, radio personality and current mental health champion Iain lee joins Paul Boross and The Humourology Podcast to discuss humour’s role in healing mental health and overcoming dangerous habits. Iain shares his journey from a performer struggling with mental health and addiction to a counsellor who helps others heal only on The Humourology Podcast

Iain Lee is has faced adversity throughout his entire life. Most recently, Lee has faced the trial and tribulations of transitioning from one career to his new calling of counselling and caring for himself and others. Iain is firm believer that positive affirmations make a huge impact on the state of your mental health. The next time you are feeling down or dealing with difficult times, Iain suggests repeating a positive mantra to get you through.

Iain Lee built a career in show business. From stand-up comedy to radio broadcasting, Lee’s life was filled with the hustle and bustle of constant performance. More recently, Iain had enough. He struggled with addiction and mental health and learned that the competition of constant work was detrimental to his life. Now, Iain changed his passion from performance to caring for himself and teaching others to care for themselves through counselling.

Through it his journey, Lee has faced a fair amount of adversity in both his personal and professional life. The pressure of constant performance pushed Iain towards a life off harmful drugs and poor mental health. Over the last few years, Iain has refocused his life and taken the difficult steps to get himself back on the right track.

“If we can’t have a laugh at ourselves, what’s the point? As long as my behaviour is improving, I can laugh at what I did when I was a kid. I can laugh at what I did when I was high.”

Iain has had his fair share of hard times. When dealing with difficult moments, Iain knows that humour can help humans reach their humility and cut themselves some slack.

“I’d lost my sense of humour was taking everything away too seriously, I was taking myself way too seriously. And I look back and think, oh god, why didn’t I just relax?”

Iain now devotes is life to helping others deal with the low points of their life. As a counsellor, Iain supports others in their journey to a happier and healthier life with humour at the forefront.

“There is something lovely about being in a communal environment where everybody is laughing. It’s joyous, joyous is a step closer to God. I think, you know, laughing I think it takes us somewhere like that.”

Learn how humour can bring people together and help them heal with Iain Lee and Paul Boross only on The Humourology Podcast.

You can support Iain’s online show he does with Katherine Boyle through Patreon here:

Ian has a Diploma in Humanistic Creative Counselling. He believes that everybody has the inherent desire and ability to lead a more fulfilling life. You can find out more about his counselling ethos and approach here:

email: hello@iainleecounselling

You can find out more about Iain‘s broadcasting work here:

*Note: I’ve recorded over 80 of these podcasts and, due to enormous technical issues, this was by far the most chaotic. However, it turned into an absolute gem and, due to Iain’s wonderfully relaxed attitude, was a complete joy to record.

I really enjoyed spending time with Iain. His humanity, honesty and humour meant that the time just flew by. We talked for so long and it was so fascinating, funny, and fulfilling that we have decided to dedicate two episodes to him. So, this is the first of two parts that will engage and entertain in equal amount.

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See you next Tuesday.


Paul x

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