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Dave Johns

Dave Johns is an award-winning comic, actor, writer and, as he indubitably declares in his gloriously self-deprecating Geordie tones “a Fillum Star”. Throughout his career, Johns has established himself as a legend of the UK Comedy Circuit. As one of the country’s top comics, Johns understands the value of humour in everyday life. For Dave, laughter doesn’t just earn him a living, it gives him life.

“It’s a way of diffusing tension. Having humour is a way of getting through bad times. If you can laugh at stuff, if you can laugh at yourself and you don’t take yourself too seriously that’s a great tonic for your mental health.”

He shares how, on movie sets all over the world, he puts film stars, cast and crew at their ease with his humour in order to allow the creativity to flow.

“We’re all human beings, we all have the same inconsistencies, we all have the same insecurities. And so as long as you keep it, pretty general, humour is universal.”

Dave knows that without humour, the world would be a drab place. To Johns, humour acts as the glue that holds humanity together. And in his line of work, his hands are often sticky. Johns is a firm believer that laughter is universal and strives to make his stand-up funny for all.

“My head was wired up to see the funny side of things rather than the serious side of things.”

With a career like Dave’s, flipping from film star to funnyman, it’s important not to take yourself too seriously. Advice he extends to the business world. If you want to add compassion into your business culture, a well-placed chortle and a cancellation of callousness can go a long way.

Join us this week as we take a walk (like a panther) with the great and gregarious Dave Johns. Only on the The Humourology Podcast.

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Paul x

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