Cally Beaton | From MTV to Mirthful Glee

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Cally Beaton

Cally Beaton knows what it takes to command a boardroom and captivate an audience. What does she do to prepare? She visualizes success! Cally says that the best way to prepare is to imagine yourself doing all of the right things in your talk. If you see yourself succeeding in your imagination, reality is sure to follow.

Cally Beaton is an expert at creating comedy. Whether while working as an entertainment executive for some of the world’s biggest companies or taking the stage as an award-winning stand-up comic, Cally has proven that she can make humour happen.

“I think humour is a really important way to allow people to be vulnerable.”

Cally is a master of captivating crowds. Whether in the boardroom or on stage at corporate events, Cally knows what it takes to give a memorable performance. For Cally, laughter comes when you take the time to listen. What is her go-to strategy for crushing the after-dinner or awards show talk? Cally says it’s all about taking the time to get to know your audience.

“I think what makes people excellent at what they do when it comes to connecting is communication.”

Cally’s podcast, Namaste Motherf**kers, takes a deep dive into humour, communication, and self-improvement. Cally and her guests explore how laughter can help lead to a better you. You can find Namaste Motherf**kers, wherever you get your podcasts.

Join us this week as Cally Beaton covers everything from being a boss in the boardroom to using comedy to captivate crowds and crush public speaking engagements, only on The Humourology Podcast.

Cally Beaton and I have so much in common having, over the years, both been deeply involved in similar areas like corporate speaking, TV, comedy, popular psychology and executive coaching. As Cally said at the start of the interview, “we could be the same person”. This interview finally puts paid to that theory – or does it?!

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Paul x

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