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Dominic Holland | Eclipsed, Bothered and Bewildered

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Dominic Holland

How Humour Helps:

As a master of comedy, Dominic Holland knows how to engage a crowd. Whether you are performing stand-up or are standing up in front of employees and colleagues, Holland says to focus on engaging the crowd. Be sure to make eye contact with the audience and try to get them involved. The more you engage the crowd, the more likable you will seem.

Dominic Holland has been a funny man his entire life. From childhood, Holland knew that laughter was the thing he wanted most. As one of the country’s most iconic comics, Holland has had the opportunity to earn those laughs from audiences of all types. For Holland, laughter and joy are one and the same.

“If someone asked you define joy, laughter would be pretty close in there. Right? People might say orgasms, they might say food, but they would say laughter pretty much is essential to joy and affection.”

Holland knows that bringing joy comes in many forms. Although he loves the laughter he hears when performing, Holland says he finds a different joy in writing.  His award-winning books like I Gabriel, Only in America, and Fruit Bowl are continuously touted as terrific.

Despite having had a cracking career as a comedian and an author, Dominic Holland has a real sense of humour and sense of wonderment about being Eclipsed by his movie star son Tom. Tom Holland is this generation’s Spiderman and has from the age of eight had increasingly staggering success on stage and screen.

With Father’s Day just around the corner, this fantastically funny father is the only hero we need here at The Humourology Podcast. Join us this week as Dominic Holland shares stories from his career in comedy and the crazy story of how the Holland family went Hollywood only on The Humourology Podcast.

Holland’s book Eclipsed takes a look into life as a father of a famous superhero. Holland is releasing a special version just in time for Father’s Day. In this new exclusive audio version of the book, Holland interviews his son after each chapter to get an in depth look into his rise as a hero of Hollywood.

The story of a kid called Tom who never had a speaking part in a school play but gets to play Billy Elliott in the West End and is now the incumbent Spider-Man. A fluke with no plans or strategy in-place whatsoever. Against the carefully laid plans of his hapless dad – a somewhat famous UK comedian who sets his own sights on Hollywood and misses badly.

Written with pride and bemusement by a dad who enjoys seeing his son’s career soar and remains sufficiently delusional to think that his soaring days are ahead. (They’re not).

There is only one place that you can buy Eclipsed Audio Book – Read by Dominic Holland and in conversation with Tom Holland: HERE!

You can find out more about the multi-award-winning Dominic here:

Dominic is a much in demand awards host, after-dinner speaker and entertainer.

It was a joy to spend time with Dom. There were so many glorious insights into what it takes to become a successful, comedian, author and most importantly a father. Enjoy Father’s Day on Sunday.

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See you next Tuesday.


Paul x

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