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The Footbalification of Funny | Kevin Day

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Kevin Day

Kevin Day is a joyous jack of all trades when it comes to comedy. As an award-winning comedian and writer of shows like They Think It’s All Over, Never Mind the Buzzcocks, 8 Out Of 10 Cats, Have I Got News For You, and A League Of Their Own, Strictly Come Dancing and, The Graham Norton Show, Day has proven that when it comes to comedy, he can do it all.

Kevin knows that humour is a valuable tool when it comes to making people feel welcomed and empowered to do their best work. What is the key to unlocking your colleagues’ potential?Day says it’s to listen with your eyes. He says that reading a room is the best way to give the crowd what they need. Day also knows that humour is valuable when it is used to validate people, not put them down.

“As long as people who are funny, are responsible with humour that’s fine. It’s also very easy to use humour, for cruelty, to use humour to undermine, to use humour to tease and to bully.”

Despite a negative potential, Day knows that laughter is the best way to lead. When establishing a culture for your company, humour is a must. Whether discussing business, politics, or the difficult moments in life, Day says humour is the sugar that helps the medicine go down.

“As long as you’re funny, you can say you can say almost anything, there are things I wouldn’t talk about onstage. But as long as your funny, audiences will understand that.”

Kevin Day’s legendary writing and stand-up career is chocked full of comedic and creative tips and tricks to help you lead and listen with laughter.

Kevin’s brilliant book about football Who Are Ya?: 92 Football Clubs – and Why You Shouldn’t Support Them is available here:

Join Paul Boross and Kevin Day as they discuss how humour makes an impact in business and performance only on The Humourology Podcast.

Kevin is a brilliant stand-up, writer and football podcast host.
He came to prominence in the British alternative comedy stand up scene of the late eighties and early nineties, playing clubs like the Comedy Store.
He has written for many legendary comedian including Dave Allen and Jo Brand.
In 2005 Day became, and is still, a programme associate for Have I Got News For You and contributes to the writing on the programme delivered by the guest hosts each week. He had previously been a guest on the show.
As a huge Crystal Palace fan, he regularly appears on the fan-made Five Year Plan podcast. Since 2019 Kevin has presented a podcast called The Price of Football with academic and football finances expert Kieran Maguire.
Kevin is such a big fan that he and Ali held their wedding reception at the banqueting suite of the club’s Selhurst Park stadium. He aided the campaign of the supporters’ trust when the club was in administration and close to extinction in the late 1990s.
Kevin’s hugely entertaining podcast with Kieran Maguire is available here or wherever you get you podcasts: The Price of Football on Apple Podcasts

Kevin and I first met working at the Comedy Store in 1985 (we were both mere children!) and I am please to say his passion and verve for comedy and life has not dimmed a jot. Listen, learn and laugh.

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See you next Tuesday for part two.


Paul x

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