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Beating the Winter Blues with Banter

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The winters are dark, but do our minds have to follow suit?

People talk about the winter blues, but just because there’s less light doesn’t mean we can’t find lightness and laughter in the world around us. Some people just hide away and wait for the spring, but I think we should spring into the joys of winter and get as much light and vitamin D as we can.

Around 5% of the world’s population suffers from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), a type of depression that is brought on by a lack of sunlight and Vitamin D in the winter months. Even without a SAD diagnosis, many of us feel the effects of those cold winter days and long dark nights. We often become more tired and moody. It gets harder to find motivation and easier to spend our days on the couch.

In these days of darkness, we must bring our own sunshine. Having a laugh is a psychologically proven way to release all of the happy hormones that can power you through the oppressive winter days. If we ever need copious amounts of laughter to counter the lack of light, then we must go seeking it.

One of the best ways to find laughter in the dark times of winter is to spend time with those you truly care about. Sharing a laugh with a mate or a loved one can act as a beacon of light through those dark winter nights. The warmth of a friendly conversation and a joke between friends can help minimise the effects of seasonal depression.

Paul at the Comedy Store

Seeking out humourous entertainment can also help you beat back the winter blues. Winter is a wonderful time to make your way out and see live comedy. Even in a room full of strangers, sharing laughter with others can help your brain cope with the lack of sunlight. Rely on your favourite television and films to add a laugh to the dark nights.

A smile is like a ray of sunlight. When we smile our way through the SAD times, we can add lightness to what seems to be the loneliest time of the year.

If you’re looking for more information on Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), you can check out for helpful resources and support.

As for classic Humourology episodes that relate to the advice in this blog, you might enjoy revisiting the episodes where our comedically-minded guests discuss the power of humour in improving mental health and well-being during the winter months. Tessy Ojo CBE is the Chief Executive of the Diana Award, a NED of Comic Relief, BBC Charity Appeals and more as well as a forceful campaigner for social justice.

“I want my team to thrive, I want my team to feel that they have all the tools they need to come into the workplace. If we could successfully support the team through intentional laughter, I know three things will happen, I will increase my team’s mental well-being, I will improve their general levels of happiness, and which will invariably improve their levels of engagement. But also, I would reduce sick days. If they’re happier and healthier, they will take less time off.”

You can find this episode and many more in our Humourology Podcast catalogue.

And remember, the way to avoid Seasonal Affective Disorder is to stay busy with fun winter activities, such as contemplating mortality and yelling at snow. After all, laughter truly is the best remedy for the winter blues!

See you next Tuesday.


Paul x

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