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10 Quotes to Get You Ready for the Next Season of The Humourology Podcast

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We’ve heard a lot of wisdom on this podcast – here’s some of our most important quotes thus far.

Throughout the history of The Humourology Podcast we have heard our fair share of life-altering quotes from leaders in business, entertainment, politics and sport. Here are ten quotes from the history of Humourology to get you excited for next season.

1. Humourology is all about promoting laughter in the workplace. Tessy Ojo CBE hit the nail on the head when she said this about leading a team to success.

“I want my team to thrive, I want my team to feel that they have all the tools they need to come into the workplace. If we could successfully support the team through intentional laughter, I know three things will happen: I will increase my team’s mental well-being, I will improve their general levels of happiness, and which invariably improves their levels of engagement. But also, I would reduce sick days. If they’re happier, healthier, they would take less time off.”


2. Graham Stuart – The legendary award-winning producer of The Graham Norton Show showed us that he knows a thing or two about what it takes to capture a crowd when he dropped this golden nugget of knowledge.

“You cannot have full charisma if you don’t have humour”


3. The ‘big bottom’ bass maestro mind behind Madness, Mark Bedford shared this gem about how humour can help open doors and form deeper human connection.

“Anyone who can make people laugh or share their humour is always invited in. If you get that cooperation of people on your side, and invariably you form a better relationship, and maybe in the context of business, you can get things done a bit more smoothly.”


4. Celebrity Chef and one of my very best friends, Ainsley Harriott reminded us that even across languages and cultures, sharing a laugh can bring us together.

“Humour… that’s how you unite people.”


5. Cricket Legend and Commentator Extraordinaire Ebony Rainford-Brent MBE shared how leaders who embrace laughter, and a shared sense of humour can lead their teams to the top of the world.

“I’ve been in environments where it’s not okay to be yourself and you have to fit the image of what the leader, the coach or the captain says. When you have a good leader, they let people be free to be themselves and that allows them to flow more and have an environment which supports difference and diversity. To get to that flow state, to get to those performance states, you need to be as close to yourself as possible. You need to be as relaxed as possible. It’s about the leader creating a good environment.”


6. Comedian and former TV Executive Cally Beaton dropped this expert advice on how to quell your fear of public speaking.

“I used to have a real fear of public speaking, I was absolutely terrified of presenting in anything more than a boardroom setting with a few people around a table. I did have to learn to do it but I didn’t feel as if I would be a natural at it. You can play a couple of different movies in your head. If the movie you play in your head is messing up your words, the audience hating you, falling over on the way to the stage, wishing you’d never done it, then there’s a chance that might happen. Choose to play a different movie in your head before you go on.”


7. Revolutionary Businessman David McCourt reminded us that it really is about who you know.

“Life is too short to spend time with people that don’t bring you joy. People who don’t give you energy, people who don’t make your life more fulfilling.”


8. Penny Mallory, Rally Car Champion and Performance Coach, gave us this advice about the value of humour in high-performance scenarios.

“You have to be able to laugh at yourself, because part of elite performance is, and I don’t like the word selfish, but it’s about having a really clear, laser focus on what you’re trying to achieve…if you can laugh at yourself, whilst you have that approach, it’s extremely helpful, you can be such an utter pain in the ass to everyone around you when you are an elite performer, trying to put everything into one mission, you can become really difficult to be around. So, maintaining humour, being able to laugh at yourself and what’s going on is really important.”


9. Emmy-Winning Producer James Longman showed us that cutting yourself some slack in the face of a road bump can lead to laughter and later success.

“If you fail and learn from it, and you’re funny, then it’s all okay, everything will be okay.”


10. Remember, at the end of the day we are all human and we are all united by humour so Comedian and actor Marcus Brigstocke got it right when he said:

“Be nice.”


If you want to hear more show-stopping quotes and bits of advice from leaders of business, politics, entertainment, and sport join us for the next season of The Humourology Podcast, coming soon.

See you next Tuesday.


Paul x

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