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Cally Beaton – Crushing Corporate and Comedy

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Comedian, podcast host, and former entertainment executive extraordinaire Cally Beaton joins Paul Boross on The Humourology Podcast to discuss the ins and outs of both corporate and comedy. Beaton discusses her career in the boardroom and her profession as a pro comedian. Beaton shares the power of humour and how to use listening to unlock your full potential as a leader.

Cally Beaton joins Paul Boross to discuss her cracking career in corporate to taking comedy worlds by storm. From being an executive at an early age to taking the stage as an award-winning comedian, Beaton knows what it takes to make humour happen.

“I literally don’t think there’s an occasion when you can’t use humour including a eulogy”

Join us as Cally Beaton puts on a masterclass in public speaking and presenting while hearing stories from her time producing at places like MTV, UKTV, and Viacom only on The Humourology Podcast.

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