Marina Purkiss- Leveraging Lightness and Laughter

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Political Pundit and Journalist Marina Purkiss joins Paul Boross and The Humourology Podcast to discuss how humuor can help create connections in both the workplace and in politics. Hear Purkiss’ expert take on leadership, politics, and how comedy can help people connect.

Paul Boross is joined by political pundit, journalist, and Twitter ‘Doom Scroller’ Marina Purkiss to discuss the current state of leadership and how humour can help. Purkiss knows that a great sense of humour can bring people together in politics, business, and life.

“The moment you are happy to put yourself out there and be vulnerable in being funny, I think people see that there is a way to connect with you.”

Hear Marina Purkiss discuss how leaders captivate crowds and win elections while leveraging laughter and lightness. Learn the value of vulnerability and the power of a good laugh with Marina Purkiss, only on The Humourology Podcast. 

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