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Ainsley Harriott part 2 – Food, Friendship and Fun

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Ainsley Harriott – award-Winning Chef and TV personality – returns to The Humourology Podcast to reminisce with Paul Boross about their time on stage. Ainsley discusses the value of treating your staff like family and creating an environment where everyone can be themselves.

Award-Winning celebrity chef and TV personality Ainsley Harriott continues his conversation with his childhood chum Paul Boross. The two reminisce on their days sharing the stage and expand on the power of humour in human connection.

Years of experience have taught Ainsley that the best teams are filled with people who feel valued. Ainsley knows that when the set is filled with a crew ready to laugh the production will be perfect.

Ainsley knows that the power of humour is most evident within oneself. What is the key to a healthy and happy life? Ainsley says it’s an ability to be yourself and have a laugh along the way.

Join us this week for a continued meeting of old mates and loads of laughter that is sure to brighten your day. Only on The Humourology Podcast.


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