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It’s time to vote!

Through the Humourology podcast, I’ve been working hard to bring you the very best guests sharing the most powerful insights and, of course, the biggest laughs and now it’s time to ask something of you in return. Something important. Something daring. Something wonderful. Something that takes only seconds of your day and makes a huge difference. Together, we can do this.

It’s time to cast your vote in the British Podcast Awards.


Follow this link and vote for The Humourology Podcast in the People’s Choice category.


By making Humourology the winning podcast, you create a greater following that brings even more fabulous guests. Your vote makes a genuine difference and I know that you’re the kind of person who wants to make a difference. Just imagine telling all your friends and loved ones that you were the one to put Humourology on top, where it belongs.


Now, or sooner if you’re busy.

Vote here, vote now.


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Bobby Kerr | Build Back Banter

Bobby knows that in business, building bridges with banter is a great way to form meaningful relationships with your clientele. If you are looking to bring people together, a bit of well-placed banter is the answer for bosses and businesses alike.


John La Valle | Taking the NLP

John knows that a great sense of humour is what it takes to be successful in the board room. He suggests punching up your linguistic skills to build your sense of humour. Mastering mirthful language will help you lighten up colleagues and close the deal.

Dillie Keane

Dillie Keane – Laughter is the Lubricant of Life

Dillie Keane, award-winning songwriter and performer, joins Paul Boross. Keane shares the secrets of forty years of Fascinating Aida’s laugh-out-loud lacerating lyrics and how finding your funny bone can help you fulfil your life wherever you work.


Honoured to be Honoured

Last week, I had the honour to receive my honour at Buckingham Palace from Anne, Princess Royal – the person who is renowned for having the best sense of humour in the Royal Family.