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Marina Purkiss on the value of vulnerability

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Marina Purkiss

Marina Purkiss knows what it takes to win over the hearts and minds of people on a political stage. Purkiss says that a sense of humour can make you more likeable as a leader whether you are in politics or business. Be vulnerable and open with those around you and laugh at your own mistakes. This will build trust and increase productivity. 

Marina Purkiss is an expert at political punditry, podcast hosting, and ‘doom scrolling’ on Twitter. Her insights to the power of politics and leadership are unmatched. When it comes to the effectiveness of those in charge in business and politics, Purkiss knows that laughter, lightness, and vulnerability is the key to a valuable leader.  

“The amount of time, the number of hours, that we spend at work, it needs to be an environment that you are happy in and when I’m happy I’m most productive. So that’s why I think it’s very important to have that type of leadership style.”

Even when doom scrolling her Twitter feed or standing up for social justice and empathetic government, Purkiss knows that a sense of humour is important. Purkiss prefers to surround herself with positive people who are willing to admit their problems and fight for progress. 

“The people I want to surround myself with are those people that smile a bit easier, laugh a bit easier and are happy to be vulnerable and open because I think that’s where you make the really interesting connections.”

Tune in this week to hear Paul Boross and Marina Purkiss discuss the history of leadership in this country while diving deep into the connection between comedy and community, only on The Humourology Podcast.

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