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Iain shares his own experiences to help others learn how humour can bolster relationships and help people heal.

Iain Lee knows that a sense of humour can be a valuable asset. As a former stand-up comedian, Iain knows that there are some things you can learn about comedy and somethings you are born with. He says that improving your sense of humour is as easy as consuming comedy. Learn to laugh together and you can lead others to good health and happiness.

Iain Lee returns to The Humourology Podcast this week to continue his conversation with Paul Boross about humour, mental health, and the power of doing what is best for you. 

Iain Lee has built a career in the radio industry. With decades of laurels and a long list of credits, he has worked his way to becoming a national radio icon. He has experienced first-hand how a competitive career can be detrimental to mental health, self-esteem, and a sense of humour. 

Earlier this year, Iain retired from his long-time career in radio. He built his life on performing and decided it was finally time for something new. For many, putting your health and well-being first is a difficult transition to make. Iain Lee made the choice to put himself first, honour his own health, and help others through their own struggles. 

“It’s great being out of the chase of showbusiness. I walked away from my last radio job for loads of reasons. It wasn’t working there. So, I’m 50 this year, and it really feels like this is a significant year of change for me.”

For Iain, change has been a liberating factor in his life. Stepping away from the hustle and bustle of a career in radio has allowed him to refocus on helping others learn how to improve their own health with humour. As a counsellor, Iain uses his history in humour to help others see the brighter side of life. Lee uses comedy to counsel others in building coping strategies. 

Iain’s personal journey is a great example of how hard work can lead to a happier and healthier life. For Iain, the journey of putting his health first and helping others has been one filled with plenty of laughter and loads of learning. 

“I learned that it was part of the journey of learning. I am enough, and I am allowed to ask for what I want.”

Now, Iain is focused on helping others learn that they are enough. With his background in comedy, Iain knows that humour can help bring people together through difficult times. As a counsellor, Iain hopes to connect with others who are struggling to see their value. 

“I think that laughter should be encouraged and welcomed in the counselling relationship. Definitely.”

Iain’s journey of learning to love yourself provides the perfect learning opportunity for leaders of business looking to support their employees and improve the culture of their workplace. Iain provides a variety of insights on how humour can improve mental health and how the workplace can have a negative effect on productivity and happiness in competitive careers. 

benefits of humour and laughterAs this article in Very Well Mind states, the health benefits of laughter, both physical and psychological. Health Benefits of Humour and Laughter

“A healthy sense of humour can help you deal with tough times. Humour might seem like a soothing balm or a light diversion. During moments of levity, while it seems like you’re simply laughing at a friend’s joke or a comedian’s monologue, you’re actually improving your health. By tickling your funny bone, clinical evidence shows you are not only being entertained but enhancing your physical, psychological, and social well-being.”

“Real humour is really relaxed and it’s really kind of natural and seemingly spontaneous, even if it’s not. I think some people try to be funny to make up for insecurities in their own life. They want to be liked; they want to be loved.”

Tune in this week for a truly valuable conversation with Iain Lee. Learn how humour can help improve mental health and help others heal. Hear how his personal history in humour has influenced his journey and how you can utilise humour to inspire hope and bring people together only on The Humourology Podcast.

You can support Iain’s online show he does with Katherine Boyle through Patreon here:

Ian has a Diploma in Humanistic Creative Counselling. He believes that everybody has the inherent desire and ability to lead a more fulfilling life. You can find out more about his counselling ethos and approach here:

email: hello@iainleecounselling

You can find out more about Iain‘s broadcasting work here:

Spending time with Iain was a joy and that is why we felt that his humanity, honesty and humour are well worthy of a second episode.
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See you next Tuesday.


Paul x

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