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Bobby Kerr

Bobby Kerr has built a reputation as a behemoth in business. Getting his start in catering, Kerr used the heat of the kitchen to transform into a Dragon when it comes to closing the deal. How does Kerr handle the heat of the Dragon’s Den and the pressure of leading a high-performing business? With a bit of humour, of course!

“Humour really is the greatest tonic when you’re under pressure.”

Kerr’s experience in the service sector has served him the skills needed to be a behemoth in business. For Bobby, the best way to build the business and keep customers coming back is to focus on the relationships he builds with everyone involved. Making employees and customers know that you care is the best way to ensure the quality of your business.


Bobby describes his preferred method of musing as “banter that’s good for business”. The ability for business leaders to share a laugh both in and out of the boardroom is key for a quality working relationship. Bobby knows that using humour to return to your humility is the best way to ensure a great return on investment.

“A collective humour stimulates all sorts of creativity and activity.”

Join us this week on the Humourology Podcast to better your banter and build your business with Bobby Kerr.


You can listen to Bobby’s brilliant radio show – Down To Business with Bobby Kerr on NewsTalk


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