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Tessy Ojo | Humour, Hope and Humanity

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Tessy Ojo

Tessy Ojo CBE is a champion of cheer and charitable work. As the Chief Executive of The Diana Award, the only charity named after Diana, Princess of Wales, Ojo approaches her work with an attitude of gratitude to inspire hope in the nation’s hard-hit youth.

“I always think about gratitude as my default attitude in that sense, and humour kind of allows me to see the beauty of life.”

Ojo has had the opportunity to perform charitable endeavours with both Prince William and Prince Harry to fulfil the charitable vision of their mother, Princess Diana. Ojo’s charitable work puts young people at the centre of community-based change. She is no stranger to humans in hard situations. She knows that a sense of humour is the best medicine for getting through tough times. Whether in charity work or business, Ojo knows when you put the human and humour first, hope will follow.

“You’ve just got to see the funny bits of life.”


Tessy knows that empathy is key to unlocking people’s full potential. Even in business, when you listen to those you work with, you can better understand their situation. A better understanding can help you find the solution that will result in success.

“You can empathise, and you can listen to build that empathy.”

Join us this week for a variety of hilarious stories and hard-hitting humour tips from Tessy Ojo. Leading with humour can help you inspire hope in those going through a tough time. Learn how you can lead like the only British-Born Recipient of the Martin Luther King Jr. Prize and put the human and humour first to give hope to all, this week on The Humourology Podcast.


Tessy Ojo is the CEO of the only charity set up in memory of Diana, Princess of Wales and her belief that young people have the power to change the world. Their mission is to empower young people to lead that change through a range of initiatives which unlock their potential, inspire action, and create opportunities, ensuring that no young person is left out or left behind. You can find out more about their amazing work HERE and get involved and donate.
By working with young people and partners The Diana Award can create the change we want to see in the world.


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Paul x

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