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Dr. Phil Hammond | A Spoonful of Humour

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Phil Hammond

Dr. Phil Hammond knows the best prescription for your business is a spoonful of humour. As an NHS doctor, radio presenter, writer, and comedian, Dr. Hammond knows that a bit of comedy can connect people in all scenarios.

“Humour is actually a really important coping mechanism for us, if we didn’t have humour, we wouldn’t be human we’d be toads.”

Business, just like medicine, is based on trust and rapport. Phil says that the best doctors and bosses alike build trust through humour. He says that taking the time to get to know your patient or client and using appropriate humour can build rapport. Your relationship will result in long term benefits for everyone involved.

“People remember kindness, if you’ve ever had bad news, you remember how it was broken to if it was done kindly, you never forget, if it was done harshly, you never forgive.”

Dr. Hammond has experienced every type of humour throughout his career in healthcare. From the kind comedy of a bedside connection to the black humour of the darkest corners of the hospital, Hammond knows that humans need humour to help them cope.

“Tragedy and comedy are two sides of the same coin. And in the same day, you can have three good laughs and three good cries. And that’s the nature of your work.”

Join Dr. Hammond as he shares a healthy dose of stories from a career of comedy and healthcare. Hear how humour can help you heal and help others, this week on The Humourology Podcast.


Phil’s brilliant new BBC Radio 4 series Dr Phil’s Bedside Manner where he travels the UK on a mission to listen to the beating heart of the NHS is now available here:


Thank you for all your kind words and reviews. We really appreciate when you spread the word about how humour can dramatically improve your business success and your life.

See you next Tuesday.


Paul x

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