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Dominic Holland – Playing for Laughs with Peter Parker’s Pa

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Comedian, Writer, and Peter Parker’s Pa, Dominic Holland joins Paul Boross to discuss his successful career in comedy. Holland has spent decades engaging audiences both on the stage and page and he joins The Humourology Podcast to share the ins and outs of being a comedy-minded creative. Hear how Holland uses humour to be the best comic, writer, and father he can be only on The Humourology Podcast.

Dominic Holland joins Paul Boross to discuss his life as a funny man and the father of a son who has Eclipsed his own fame. From his illustrious career in comedy to his collection of captivating books, Holland has a knack for capturing the attention of an audience. Whether he is writing, performing, or fathering his son Tom Holland, Dominic loves to lead with laughter.

“Laughter is always laughter and you can’t have too much laughter.”
Join us this week as Dominic Holland relives a life filled with laughter discussing his career, his family, and his future endeavours, only on The Humourology Podcast.

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