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Jon O’Donnell | Comedic = Commercial

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Jon O’Donnell

Jon’s Top Takeaway: Humour can be used to disarm even the most difficult clients and coworkers.

O’Donnell knows that a bit of well-placed humour can open up the room and lubricate listening. If you want to find continued business success, O’Donnell says to lead your pitch with a laugh.

Jon O’Donnell knows a thing or two about multiplying the success of a massive media models. Throughout his career, Jon has elevated publications and has coordinated countless commercial accomplishments. Most recently, Jon has founded Viral Tribe, a partnership hub that connects brands to talent.

As a master of the media, O’Donnell knows how important it can be to secure a sale. Whether you are selling a product or the brand of the company you work for, Jon says a touch of humour is the best way through the door.

“Humour is a device to try and get people to trust you, as quickly as possible, join the conversation, so you can move on to the areas that, you know, you probably want to discuss.”

O’Donnell has always loved comedy and has even given it a go on the stage. Now, as a self-described media launchpad, he uses humour as a way to build relationships that result in revenue. O’Donnell thinks that every drowning business can use humour to help stay afloat.
Jon O’Donnell provides a wonderful conversation filled with laughs and lessons in leadership. Want a business model that makes the media’s headlines? Join us this week on the Humourology Podcast.

“Humour is a brilliant way of diffusing that and making everybody feel comfortable from from the outset.”


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