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Taking the Show on the Road – Humourology Live

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Sharing stories, giving top tips and insider knowledge of how to connect through humour. Paul takes Humourology to a live Audience for the first time

Throughout the existence of the Humourology Podcast, I have had the pleasure to interview some of the most influential names in business, politics, and sport. They have taught both myself and our listeners invaluable lessons about humour, communication, and how to live life more successfully. Thanks to my friend and Ludlow Fringe Festival patron Alistair McGowan, for the first time ever, I will be moving out from behind the mic to take the show on the road! 

There is nothing I love more than being in the same room with others and taking the opportunity to connect. One of the major lessons I have learned through hours of laughter on The Humourology Podcast is just how important connection can be when trying to get your message across. I cannot wait to learn and laugh with the live crowd at Ludlow. 

Ludlow fringe

Join me at Ludlow for the first-ever Humourology Live Show. Part Psychological and leadership lecture, part side-splitting storytelling, the Humourology Live show is a can’t miss opportunity for those looking to become better leaders by learning the power of laughter. Come along and put the fun into business fundamentals, increase the value of your laughing stock and put a punchline into your bottom line.

Humourology Live will give you, the audience, a close-up look at the value of humour in business and communication. Learn how to become more profitable while developing relationships filled with productivity and laughter. Learn how you can connect with your colleagues and increase your creativity as well as your social currency. 

In addition to teaching you how to laugh your way into leadership, Humourology Live will show just how valuable humour can be in your own self-discovery. Learn how to take yourself less seriously, take more risks in the workplace, and come out on top. Hear how to manage your defeats and overcome your failures with a laugh. Discover how humour can help you make the most out of your setbacks and overcome all the obstacles in both your personal and professional lives. 

I will be sharing stories from my guests about why humour is so important to business and life. The very same ideas that influenced the writing of The Humourology Book will be on display for the Live Ludlow audience. Humourology Live includes the expert advice from political giants like Alastair Campbell, Baroness Helena Kennedy and Lord William Hague, Comedy giants like Jo Brand, Mark Thomas, and Alistair McGowan, and business leaders like Deborah Meaden, David McCourt and Jimmy Mulville.

Humourology guest heads

These and many more of our fabulous guests in business, sport, entertainment, and politics have inspired the tenants of Humourology through their personal experiences using humour to connect with humanity. Humourology Live is all about taking the knowledge of our expert guests and sharing the most useful tidbits with you live. From side-splitting stories from our guests and my life in comedy alongside insightful tips on how to better yourself and your relationships, Humourology Live hopes to have you laughing while you learn.

Together, we will learn how to lead with humour, but most importantly we will all share a laugh. If you are interested in seeing the show live or you want to learn more about Humourology Live at the Ludlow Festival you can buy tickets Here

There are just a few tickets left so we hope to see you there to share a laugh and learn a thing or two about leadership, communication, and the value of Humourology. 

And if not a single soul in Ludlow laughs, then we’ll call it a lecture!

If you are unable to see the show live in Ludlow, you can always find all of the great content from The Humourology Project on The Humourology Podcast or in my book, Humourology.


Paul x

Here is the Ludlow Fringe Festival blog about the show

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