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John La Valle

John knows that a great sense of humour is what it takes to be successful in the board room. He suggests punching up your linguistic skills to build your sense of humour. Mastering mirthful language will help you lighten up colleagues and close the deal.

With an attitude and voice straight of the Sopranos, La Valle doesn’t shy away from conflict when it comes to using comedy to convince. His knack for story telling helps him lower defenses, and infiltrate with a laugh. A true master of his craft, La Valle knows the value of not taking yourself too seriously.

John La Valle is an International Corporate Consultant that uses comedy to convince businesses to be more creative. Through his expertise in linguistics, La Valle knows a thing or two about using language to land a deal.

“If you can’t laugh at yourself, everyone else will do it for you.”


As the President of the Society of Neurolinguistic Programming(NLP), La Valle says that humour is born from an understanding of language. According to La Valle, without the basis of grammar your sense of humour can be a death sentence.

“Things like grammar, that’s an important part about developing humour.”

Join us this week as John steals the show with his Soprano-like style and superb stories. You truly will be convinced that a punchline can be persuasive.


This is the superb book on persuasion that can give you the skills to sell a ketchup popsicle to a woman in white gloves. Available HERE!

Find more about John’s work and NLP:

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