Norway – Land of the Midnight Fun

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We should all aspire to stay relevant, to stay interested, and to keep learning.

I work around the world a lot and I particularly love working in Scandinavia.  Last week, I travelled to one of my favourite places – Norway, delivering keynotes and lectures for corporations and universities. By the time I reached Lillehammer, the weather had transformed into a wonderful winter wonderland.

Whenever I am working in Norway, I like to take time out to give university students the same level of attention and interaction that I give to corporate clients. I find the energy and enthusiasm and lack of cynicism of young people to be tonic that feeds my soul and reminds me that I love sharing my knowledge and inspiring the next generation

Paul with Norwegian Students

I love to work with the students at Inland University Norway of Applied Sciences which houses the elite of Norway’s young creatives across many disciplines including game making, media and TV.

On my trip last week, I had the great pleasure of working and laughing with great groups of young people from both the internationally famous TV school and the Games school. The drive and passion apparent in these young people are a useful reminder of what it takes to break into any business. I always aspire to stay relevant, to stay interested, and to keep learning from people who are younger and fresher.
As I explained to the students in Norway:

Every decision is a human decision. We can’t choose what’s best, so we choose what feels safest, and safest means most familiar, and most familiar means most memorable, and human beings remember best when they feel an emotional connection.

Laughter is a social currency. It’s a bond. It’s a gift meant to be shared. Laughing together means that we share values, we share life experiences we share hopes and dreams. Laughing together creates a connection which last a lifetime.

Paul and students

I am incredibly grateful for the time I have been given to share the message of pitching and Humourology with some of the young people of Norway. The laughs we shared and the knowledge we learned sure has kept me smiling all the way back to London. 

Smile and the whole world smiles with you…

See you next Tuesday.


Paul x

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