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The Humourology Project – putting the fun into business fundamentals

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The Humourology Project – The word is getting out

Humourolgy Book flying off the shelvesThe Humourology Project is all built around the premise that we put the fun into business fundamentals. The Humourology Book and The Humourology Podcast are a combination of my life’s work and study into the power of humour to build relationships, drive performance, and make the world a brighter, better place.
Now, some of the biggest names in the world of learning and development for businesses are catching on to the intrinsic value of humour and its ability to put a punchline back into your bottom line.
The highest performing businesses in terms of employee engagement achieve 22% greater profits than those with low engagement, and businesses that develop the strength of the staff have been shown to reduce staff turnover by up to 72%. Staff loyalty impacts both productivity and profit and is critically dependent on the quality of leadership within the organisation.
Research published in the Journal of vocational behaviour in 2016 showed that

“Fun at work has the ability to improve employee resilience and optimism, which leads to better attention to tasks”.

Fun also has the potential to bring coworkers together, which can foster learning amongst colleagues.
It seems, therefore, that teams that play together not only stay together, but also learn together and succeed together.

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Fans of Humourology have seen time and time again how a sense of humour in the workplace can improve leadership, creativity, and connect colleagues. When your workplace values connectivity, creativity, and comedy everyone involved will feel an ownership of the success and therefore work to make it happen. Who knew happiness and humour were the keys to handling adversity and coming out on top?
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Get involved, experience how Humourology can have a direct and positive effect on your business. There are courses available both online and in person with myself and all of my courses and training have The Humourology Project at their heart. Find out more Here.

Training journalIf you want to learn more about how Humour and fun have the power to pump up productivity check out my article in The Training Journal all about The Power of Fun.


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