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Dr. Richard Bandler | Laugh Like a Drain For a Change

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Dr Richard Bandler

“When you laugh at mistakes it saves you enormous amounts of time.”

Throughout his extraordinary and impressive career as co-creator of NLP, hypnotist, consultant, and author, Dr. Richard Bandler has helped millions of people use their brain to change their reality. Bandler is a firm believer that a bit of humour is sometimes all it takes to unlock a better life. What is the best thing someone can do to change their situation? Bandler says you need to be able to laugh at yourself first.

“A Leonardo of our times…” – The Guardian

Dr. Bandler has worked with leaders in every realm from business to sport. How do these leaders learn from the good doctor? Through laughter! Dr. Bandler knows that people are more willing to change if they are enjoying what they do.

“If you don’t make things fun, people won’t do it.”

Richard believes that being able to laugh at yourself is important to growth. He says that humour is a tool that we can use to measure our mistakes. For Bandler, humour isn’t just about laughter and lightness, it’s a state of being.

“Humour doesn’t just mean your laughing, it means that you are experiencing enjoyment.”

Dr. Bandler knows that the miracle of molding the mind with mirth is mostly done through language. Mustering up the might to maintain a mirthful mind can help anyone mold a meaningful place in the world. Join us this week to hear the first part of the magnificent musings of Dr. Richard Bandler and learn the lessons of a life well loved. Just like Richard always says…

“Freedom is everything and love is all the rest.”

Find out about more about Richard’s amazing work:

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Paul x

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