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Geoff Norcott – Comedy Correctness Gone Mad

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Stand-up comedian, political commentator, and podcast host Geoff Norcott joins Paul Boross and The Humourology Podcast to the dangers of polarising politics. As a self-proclaimed conservative comic, Norcott shares how humour can shatter an audience’s expectations. Hear how humour and politics go hand in hand and how you can use laughter to sway public opinion only on The Humourology Podcast.

Stand-up comedian, political pundit, and podcast host Geoff Norcott joins Paul Boross to discuss the intersection of humour and politics.  He shares his insights on the expectations of audiences and how comedy can bring people together regardless of their political party. 

“It’s good to acknowledge the funny thought about you that they (the audience) may have had. It is a legitimate comedic device of walking out and addressing what people’s first thought about you might be. It clears the elephant in the room, and it also shows them that you know what you’re doing.” 

Hear Geoff Norcott discuss the comedy on both sides of the political aisle and provide his thoughts on what makes politicians truly likeable. Learn how humour can help humans combat the division that comes with our modern-day politics only on The Humourology Podcast.

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