Christmas Past… and Christmas Present

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If you’re looking for a Christmas present for somebody who likes to learn and laugh.

Don’t buy this book now!

First read what what those in the know say about Humourology.

Alistair McGowan

“The stories are engaging, the message is clear and the results are compelling.”

Alistair McGowan, TV Impressionist and Comedian

Alastair Campbell

“Paul Boross has captured the role humour can play as a catalyst for change”

Alastair Campbell, author & political strategist

William Hague

“Everyone thinks they know about humour but very few people study and master it. Paul Boross has done so.”

Lord William Hague


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Available in all good bookshops…

and of course on Amazon.

Humourology book

If you would like a signed copy, drop me a line and I will arrange.


Paul x

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Tony spitting flames on the mic

Sir Tony Robinson | No Cunning Plan

Sir Tony Robinson knows that listening is everything. For Robinson, active listening is the best way to hear the heart of your audience. Want to connect with your crowd and get your message across? Robinson says listening is the key!

William Hague with a beer

William Hague | Lord of the Laugh

William Hague has had a hell of a career in the Houses of Parliament. As former Foreign Secretary, Hague has hosted and humoured the World’s most headstrong (and sometimes humourless) leaders. Hague knows that the best speakers and politicians alike can use humour to support their message when appropriate. Hague is a firm believer that humour can create a connection across cultures.

Helena Kennedy part two

A Beacon of Light in Humour Rights

Helena Kennedy Member of The House of Lords and barrister returns to The Humourology Podcast to share her insights on humour and humanity.