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Christmas Past… and Christmas Present

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If you’re looking for a Christmas present for somebody who likes to learn and laugh.

Don’t buy this book now!

First read what what those in the know say about Humourology.

Alistair McGowan

“The stories are engaging, the message is clear and the results are compelling.”

Alistair McGowan, TV Impressionist and Comedian

Alastair Campbell

“Paul Boross has captured the role humour can play as a catalyst for change”

Alastair Campbell, author & political strategist

William Hague

“Everyone thinks they know about humour but very few people study and master it. Paul Boross has done so.”

Lord William Hague


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and of course on Amazon.

Humourology book

If you would like a signed copy, drop me a line and I will arrange.


Paul x

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More Humourology highlights


Matt Forde | Political Party Like It’s 1999

Matt Forde knows that the best bosses are not burdened with the responsibility of leadership. If you want to be a great boss, bring a lightness to your leadership that invites people to go with you. Don’t know how to make that change? Forde says to fake it until you make it and act like you are crushing it and you will bring people with you.


John La Valle | Taking the NLP

John knows that a great sense of humour is what it takes to be successful in the board room. He suggests punching up your linguistic skills to build your sense of humour. Mastering mirthful language will help you lighten up colleagues and close the deal.

social mobility

Social mobility and diversity

Social Mobility provides the opportunity for everyone to advance within a society. It levels the playing field and enables people to reach their true potential