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Julia Bradbury on the Humourology Podcast

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Don’t miss Julia Bradbury’s touching & hilarious conversation with Paul on the Humourology  Podcast.

Humourology season six starts next week. Come back to this page to see the full episode next Tuesday. In the meantime enjoy Julia’s favourite word.

We’re so excited to be bringing to you a brand new season of The Humourology Podcast, and straight out of the gate we have a very special guest, Julia Bradbury.  From sibling relationships, walking in nature to her breast cancer diagnosis. Hear how Julia’s journey has included humour as a tool for healing. Tune in to learn just how valuable humour can be through life’s hardest moments. She is an absolute inspiration and gives so many tips and techniques to help you overcome the toughest of circumstances. Her warmth and positivity shine through and you can’t help but be moved by her wonderfully honest attitude and willingness to share with us some of the lightest and darkest moments in her life.

Here comes Season 6

After this week’s cheeky amuse-bouche you can catch the full interview when Season 6 launches next week. The Humourology team have been beavering away behind the scenes, ensuring this season is our best yet. Our glittering line-up from the worlds of sport, entertainment and business will be sharing their unique insights and invaluable knowledge with us.

As long as nothing goes completely catawampus.

See you next Tuesday


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