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Julia Bradbury – Walk Yourself Happy: How A Stroll Can Be A Tool For Healing And Adventure

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Julia and Paul discuss how humour can lift ourselves up in our darkest moments.

Julia Bradbury joins Paul Boross for this first episode of The Humourology Podcast’s brand new season 6 to discuss how humour can lift ourselves up in our darkest moments. Julia and Paul discuss everything from sibling relationships, walking in nature to her breast cancer diagnosis. Hear how Julia’s journey has included humour as a tool for healing. Tune in to learn just how valuable humour can be through life’s hardest moments. She is an absolute inspiration and gives so many tips and techniques to help you overcome the toughest of circumstances. Her warmth and positivity shine through.

Only on the Humourology Podcast.

Check out more of what Julia’s up to on her website, find out more about Walk Yourself Happy here, or follow her on Instagram here.


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