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Dan Snow – Humanity’s history of humour

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Dan Snow

Dan Snow knows how humour has evolved throughout human history. He says that humour is one of our essential tools for communication and connection. The next time you need to form lasting connections, Dan says, lead with a laugh.

Dan Snow is one of the country’s most trusted and beloved historians. His television programs and podcast help people across the globe get their history hit. As an expert in history, Dan knows that humour has always been one of humanities most handy tools for survival. Humour has always helped humans connect and communicate to solve complex problems and survive difficult situations.

“Humour is a way that we reinforce intimacy, there’s just no two ways about it.”

Dan also knows that history’s most legendary leaders have always used lightness and laughter to get loads of listeners on their side. From political leaders to generals of war, humour can form relationships and ensure that your followers are full of trust.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re in a business or in a military situation, political situation, any situation in which you need to develop relationships in which you need to extract concessions in which you need to build unity, create teams. Humour is what is essential.”

On set and in the recording booth Dan has learned that these qualities are still essential in building successful teams today. Whether in business or the battlefield, humour can create connections that stand the test of time. Even the smartest and most charismatic leaders have failed because they didn’t have a sense of humour on their side.

“Humour is one of the few tools you have available to cement leadership. To create trust, to create good feeling.”

Join us this week on The Humourology Podcast as Dan Snow shows us all how timeless an essential sense of humour truly is.


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