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A Beacon of Light in Humour Rights

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Member of the House of Lords, Barrister, and champion of social justice Helena Kennedy KC returns to The Humourology Podcast with Paul Boross to discuss the value of humour in human rights.

Helena Kennedy has a special understanding of humanity. Throughout her career as a barrister and as a Member of the House of Lords, she has developed a deep understanding of what brings people together and what tears them apart. Kennedy knows that humour can bridge the gap between people and break down barriers for marginalised people. 

Helena has learned that laughter is the key to dealing with difficult times. As a lawyer, she has led the charge to face the most disturbing affronts to human rights and has used humour to hold on to hope. Kennedy is also a firm believer that laughter is vital for lawyers to connect with jury’s, judges, and each other. 

Even outside of the courtroom, Kennedy knows that humour is the key to bringing people together. For Kennedy, comedy is the force that can break down barriers and provide a sense of togetherness for everyone in the room. 

“We’re talking about the bonding thing that humour can create, and cross divides…By taking the leap into it, you then break down so many barriers.”

Helena has devoted her life to being a beacon in the fight for human rights. As a leader in the courtroom and in the House of Lords, Helena knows just how important laughter can be when convincing others to join your cause. She has become an expert in convincing others with compassion and comedy. Kennedy knows just how powerful laughter can be in lightening the mood and bringing people together. 

“There’s something about having a night where you really laugh, and how good it makes you feel. It really does. It’s an oxytocin or something, isn’t it? It’s stimulated by laughter. And that actually makes you feel good.”

Helena has spent her entire career staring down difficult situations in the fight for human rights. She has learned that humour can help humans hold on to hope in the face of difficult times. For Kennedy, humour is the glue that can hold people together when things start to get difficult. Kennedy also knows that there is a thin line between humour that holds humans together and humour that tears people apart. 

“I think even difficult subjects can be made humourous, but it has to be done with great sensitivity. Most really good comedians, most people who use humour have very highly developed senses and testify as to what crosses the line and what doesn’t. You know, anyone that I know who’s really really funny, knows what will work and what doesn’t. And what’s true and what isn’t.”

This sense of what works and what doesn’t has helped Helena use her sense of humour to hold on to hope throughout a career of fighting for the rights of others. She has used humour to help others break down barriers and lift them up with laughter. 

Tune in to the second part of our interview with the great Helena Kennedy KC to learn how laughter can help you lead with lightness and how humour can inspire hope in humanity. Hear how Helena has built her career by using humour as an intelligent tool to bring people together. All of the insightful stories and terrific tips of Helena Kennedy are only available here, on The Humourology Podcast. 

You can find out more about Helena here: Website

You can buy Helena’s books at all good bookshops or here on Amazon

Here are useful links to organisations that Helena Kennedy works with and supports:

I hope that you enjoy the second part of the fascinating, fabulous and funny Helena Kennedy. Being a leading barrister and an expert in human rights law, civil liberties and constitutional issues may seem like the interview could have had the potential to be a little dry and worthy. However, Helena brings love, lightness and laughter to every aspect of law and is living proof that life is so much better when you can laugh.

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See you next Tuesday.


Paul x

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