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Alastair Campbell

Alastair’s Top Takeaway: Whether you’re leading a nation or a business, Alastair Campbell says you need to be able to laugh at the hard times. Alastair suggests finding the balance between gravity and levity.

Author Alastair Campbell joins the Humourology podcast to discuss the importance of appropriate humour. As the former spokesman, press secretary and director of communications to Prime Minister Tony Blair, Campbell knows how vital a moment of levity can be for a great leader. He shares that the right kind of humour can help even the most divided houses work together.

“They’re going to work better if they think that at least they can have a laugh.”

Alastair knows that legendary and likeable leaders need to be able to laugh. Whether as the leader of a nation or the leader of a business, a great sense of humour can help build a successful workplace culture.

“A happier, healthier workforce is going to deliver better for you.”

Alastair Campbell says that wit is the way of the winner. The ability to use levity to increase the seriousness of your message is what takes you far in the high stake’s world of politics. You don’t have to be the Prime Minister to get the most of this method. Whatever work you’re in, Alastair Campbell says, you can win with wit. Join us this week on the Humourology podcast to hear Alastair’s Awesome anecdotes and A+ Advice.


His latest brilliant and compelling book – Alastair Campbell Diaries Volume 8 – has just been released and is available in no good bookshops (because they’re all closed).

However, it is well worth ordering online HERE.

“Hugely gripping” – Sunday Times


In a glorious first for the podcast, Alastair composed an uproarious impromptu song – to the tune of Flower of Scotland – about Humourology and you can hear an excerpt right at the start of the podcast. (Listen here).


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