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Protecting Your Peace

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What This Season’s Guests Taught Us So Far

Have you ever woken up on a beautiful sunny day in the best mood? The birds are chirping, you have a permanent smile etched upon your face and the world feels full of never-ending bliss. Only for a turn of bad luck, negative news story or fun-sucking friend or co-worker to come along and ruin it. 

I am sure we have all had bright and sunny days turned dark by a cloud of negativity. But do not fret, our friends on this season of the Humourology Podcast have taught us how we can shield ourselves from the rain and protect our peace with the parasol of positivity. 

Whether your peace is disturbed by a bit of bad news, a difficult situation in the workplace, or the general worry of the world, our guests on this season of the Humourology Podcast have the tips and tricks you need to put positivity first. 


Julia Bradbury is a long-time presenter on the small screen for the BBC, ITV, and Channel 5. She is best known for elevating the simple act of walking into a tool for healing and adventure. Julia taught us that a simple stroll, with the right intentions, can be the solution to stomping out negativity.

“We know that if you can spend five minutes in the morning being mindful, if you can close your eyes and you can just listen to the sounds around you, concentrate on your breathing. Same if you’re outside and if you’re walking, if you can concentrate on the steps that you’re taking and listen to the birds and listen tothe breeze and the leaves, we know that that has a positive impact on brain chemistry.”

If it’s other people that got you down, Kevin Maguire has the solution for you. As Associate Editor of the Daily Mirror, Maguire is an expert in the art of communication. He knows that humour can be used as a tool to point out the negativity of others. When the opinions or actions of others is disturbing your peace, making light of the situation can help bring positivity to any situation.

“Humour can help as long as you get the right target, the right victim. Pointing out the stupidity of racists, for instance is good, rather than making jokes that are racist. So, you can use it, you can win people over with a bit of humour and shown the absurdity sometimes of their views without ramming it too hard down their throat because nobody likes to be made to feel or look stupid or be called stupid.”

Sometimes, it is necessary to shield your peace with perspective. Anne-Marie Imafadon is the founder of STEMettes, an award-winning social enterprise which encourages young women to learn Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics beyond the classroom. Imafadon is a firm believer that perspective is key, especially when looking to protect your peace.

“When terrible things do happen, I end up not being too reactionary to bad news because like we’re saying, it’s like, well, another day, another thing’s happened. If nothing bad happens, then maybe they’re not really doing much. And so, then you have to roll with it. And I think that’s another thing that’s really important in business because no customer is guaranteed. No supplier is guaranteed, no member of staff is guaranteed, no industry is guaranteed. And so, I think you have to do that also to stay sane.”

At the end of the day, the best way to protect yourself against negativity is to spread joy. Professor Richard Wiseman, is a firmbeliever that sharing a smile with others is the best way to weed out all the wretchedness in your life.

“How can you make things even better for people? I mean, it’s a joy. It’s unbelievably against the odds that any of us are on this earth. What a magnificent place that we live in, and we should be celebrating that and instead we’re quite good at killing one another and being rather downbeat about everything. So yeah, hopefully humour brings a little bit of celebration into things.”

If you have not yet had the chance to listen to our fabulous guests so far this season, take this as a personal invitation to do so. Their tips and tricks on living a happier and humour-filled life are sure to bolster your defenses against a world full of negativity.

See you next Tuesday.


Paul x

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