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Danny Finkelstein

Lord Danny Finkelstein has built a career crafting comedic comebacks and powerful punchlines for the country’s top politicians including John Major and William Hague. As an award-winning political analyst, journolist and commentator, Finkelstein knows a thing or two about how humour shapes the political landscape from the Houses of Parliament to public perception. Danny knows that a good laugh is a great way to remind humans of their humanity.

“I think humour has an important role in establishing that we’re all a bit ridiculous.”

Lord Finkelstein is a firm believer that a sense of humour is born from authenticity and vulnerability. That’s why he says that the best speakers deliver comedy with confidence. Whether you are addressing your business or the House of Commons, Finkelstein knows that an appropriate sense of humour can pack a political punch.

“If they’re willing to be vulnerable enough to show their humour, which is part of being vulnerable enough to be to show their authenticity, then they can be funny.”

And funny is one of the foremost traits when it comes to influencing people. When audiences know that you are authentic, Finkelstein says that comedy can quickly turn into charisma. Join us this week to hear how humour holds true in The House of Commons and beyond. Learn how to pack a political punchline with Lord Danny Finkelstein only on The Humourology Podcast.


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