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Arabella Weir

Arabella Weir is a comedian, writer, and actress who has built a career as a sophisticated and silly stage presence and a star of the silver screen on hit shows like Two Doors Down, The Fast Show and Posh Nosh. In addition to her cracking comedy credentials, Weir is a firm believer of the power of a punchline when it comes to coping and survival.

“It’s hard for me to think of a situation which has affected me, in which I wouldn’t use humour to survive because that is what I did.”

Weir knows that a lightness and levity is a must-have when getting through tough times. Finding a laugh amongst the calamity is a must if you want to survive a tough time. Weir uses her stage show, Does my Mum Loom Big in This to  explore her rocky relationship with her mother while coping through comedy.


“Lightness can be brought in even to the darkest places.”

Join us this week as Arabella Weir wanders down memory lane to discuss how humour has helped her cope with conditional love, cacophonous crowds, and the cult of professional perfectionism, only on The Humourology Podcast.


Arabella’s superb show – Does My Mum Loom Big In This? – is back on tour from September. It’s the mother of all confessional shows. It is for everyone who’s had a mother or been a mother, featuring hair-raising hilarious true stories from Arabella’s dysfunctional childhood and her life as a single working mother. Devastatingly funny, excruciatingly honest and definitely embarrassing for all of Arabella’s relatives!

You can find out more and book your tickets here:

‘Arabella Weir has a unique knack of making appalling (and true) stuff funny’ – Sandi Toksvig


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See you next Tuesday.


Paul x

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