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Clive Tyldesley – Comedy Commentary and Connection

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Broadcasting Legend Clive Tyldesley joins Paul Boross and The Humourology Podcast to share stories from his career in commentary.

Clive Tyldesley has built a career with his ability to connect with the crowd through creative commentary. When communicating with people, whether on the mic or face to face, Clive knows that the key to connection is listening. Whether you are leading a room of creative colleagues or commentating on the world’s most important football games, Clive says that understanding your audience is key.

From the Touchline to the Punchline

As commentator for some of the world’s most memorable football matches and sporting events. As ITV’s senior football commentator for 22 years, Clive has covered and commentated on decades of Premier League Matches, World Cups, and Olympic Events. Through his humourous and insightful commentary, Clive has solidified himself as one of the country’s most influential voices. Whether he is commentating on footballers or connecting with crowds, Clive knows that comedy, communication, commentary and connection are all intertwined. 

Clive is a firm believer in the value of humour to gain insight into humanity. For Clive, humour is the primary tool that human’s use to get to know themselves. Over his career in the commentary booth, Clive has learned just how important humour can be to get to know yourself and those around you. In addition to its connective properties, Clive knows that humour is a way to push the boundaries and learn what others truly believe. Humour can help correct human thought and guide people’s thoughts to a more positive place. For Clive, comedy can cut people down and even the playing field both on the pitch and off. 

“I think humour is the very best form of human checks and balances.”

Clive says that comedy has been a formative force in his career in commentary. As a broadcaster, Clive knows that he must learn his audience and figure out what he can use to captivate them. For Clive, comedy is the key to communication over the airwaves. 

“I get a big kick out of making people laugh or smile. It’s fulfilling. It’s infectious. It can be seductive.”

Whether in his work or his personal life, Clive knows that comedy can bring people together. As a commentator, Clive is the emotional guide for supporters watching their clubs succeed and fail on the pitch. Throughout his career, Clive has used humour to help guide his listeners through the ups and downs of sport. Even in his personal life away from the mic, Clive says that humour has bolstered his relationships with others. Nothing is more important in developing relationships than sharing a laugh. 

“It’s just the most lovely thing to see a smile on my wife’s face because of something that I’ve said. It’s one of the best sensations in human experience, sharing a laugh with somebody or making them smile.”

In addition to using humour to learn about the humanity in others, Clive is a firm believer that humour is the best tool to learn about ourselves. The things we laugh at can tell us more about ourselves than anything else. Clive says that sharing our comedy with others allows us to learn and grow as people. When we hear what others find funny and what they find offensive, we can correct our communication and unite with a laugh that everyone can share in. 

Join Clive Tyldesley and Paul Boross for an insightful discussion about comedy, communication, and connecting. Clive provides a master class on communicating with comedy and learning about humanity through humour. From the football fan to the chairman of the board looking to improve his communication, Clive has the insights that will help you crush your communication with others.

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Clive’s absorbing, compelling and very funny autobiography is available Here 

When the first thing your 22-year-old son says is ‘legend’ about the latest guest on the podcast, you know that you’ve hit Humourology gold. Interviewing Clive was so much fun not just because he is tremendously good company and tells a great story but also because his voice is so iconic that you feel like you are immersed in a world of great sporting moments where he has been the brilliant vocal backdrop. Listen now and tell me that you too aren’t transported back to some of your favourite football memories

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See you next Tuesday.


Paul x

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