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Connecting with Comedy

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A comedian, a writer and a musician walk into a podcast…

2023 brought us Season 5 of The Humourology Podcast and after three episodes we thought it was the perfect time to reflect on what we’ve learned from our wonderful guests in 2023 so far.

Whether you are performing on stage or performing research on the ins and outs of happiness, humour has the power to help you drop the pretences and connect with people. Having a sense of humour can help bring people together despite their differences. Whether you are in the workplace or performing for an audience, a sense of humour can cross party lines, cultural differences, and even the language barrier. Use humour to harmonise with the humans that surround you and use your connection to create a sense of community and change for the greater good. 

Our most recent three guests on the Humourology Podcast have been wonderfully diverse. A comedian, a writer and a musician, which, while sounding like the start of a very old joke, illustrates perfectly how the use of humour permeates so many different aspects of life and gives value in both our professional and personal relationships. Our guests have shown us that a great sense of humour can help us ascend past the things that make us different and focus on the things that make us laugh. 

Episode 75 with Geoff Norcott

Comedian and Political Commentator Geoff Norcott taught us the power of a punchline in politics. As a comedian who uniquely lands on the right of the political spectrum, Norcott explained how laughter can cross party lines and provide an insight into our leaders at every level. 

“If you define humour as a coping mechanism, you smile in the face of chaos. I think that the more difficult your life is, the more important humour becomes.”

Episode 76 with Helen Russell

Best Selling Author Helen Russell taught us that happiness, humour, and mental health are intertwined. When it comes to gaining happiness from our relationships, Helen tells us that humour can help you connect with those around you. Build resilience and bolster your relationships by embracing your sense of humour. Helen explained that a shared sense of humour is all it takes to bring people together. Leaders who cultivate comedy and a culture of humour are more likely to be successful with those they are leading.

“I think that being funny in the workplace is important. Humour definitely helps with being happier and more productive. If you looked at maybe the number of days taken off sick, or just how teams work together, I’m sure you’d see that it’s a very good thing to invest in, in the workplace.”

Episode 77 with Luke Pritchard

Award-Winning Musician and Frontman of top pop/rock band The Kooks, Luke Pritchard taught us that comedy can help you connect with crowds from different cultures. While performing on global tours, Pritchard knows that he can’t take himself too seriously. He knows that humour can harmonise a crowd and open their mind to the music that they are about to hear. 

“You still want to feel like you’ve got a connection with the people you play music with and I think yes, I think humour massively helps with that.”


These guests have shown us that using humour to connect to the people around you is a surefire way to inspire creativity, happiness, and connection. While you may not be performing stand-up, writing a best selling book or going on a world tour with your band, humour can help you connect with clients and colleagues in the workplace. Use humour as a tool to break the ice and make everyone feel comfortable. You will soon see how comedy can connect us all. Check out more great tips for humour and human connection on The Humourology Podcast.

See you next Tuesday.


Paul x

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