Dr. Richard Bandler | When You’re Smiling…

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Dr. Richard Bandler

“Everyone smiles in the same language.” George Carlin

Dr. Richard Bandler returns for a continuation of his conversation on laughter, listening, and learning. A master of his craft, Dr. Bandler knows that the most successful leaders in business save money and time by listening. Leaders who can listen to their clients and employees and are able to laugh at their own mistakes can fix their problems and continue to improve.

As a teacher to millions of students over half a century, Dr. Bandler has one lesson that every leader needs to learn:

“Smile, that’s the big secret.”

Dr. Bandler says that when you make everyone around you feel more comfortable, you can communicate and crush your personal and business goals.

Join us this week for a continuation of a great conversation with the charismatic captain of hypnosis, Dr. Richard Bandler.

Find out about more about Richard’s amazing work:



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