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Sir Tony Robinson – A Historic Sense of Humour

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Legendary Popular History presenter and actor Sir Tony Robinson joins The Humourology Podcast to discuss the value of humour throughout his historic career. From using his sense of humour to communicate across cultures to sharing a laugh to pacify those present, Robinson knows the value of having a laugh. Learn how timing and listening are essential when you aim to entertain and educate.

Paul Boross is joined by the actor, humourous force in historic presentation and star of Blackadder, Sir Tony Robinson. Robinson is an expert at using humour to educate and entertain an audience of any size. As an acting national treasure and the nation’s premiere presenter of popular history, Robinson has learned just how powerful a sense of humour can be.

“Humour is just wonderful for pricking those little pomposities, fears, anxieties, and neuroses.”

Whether using comedy to communicate across cultures or having a laugh to pacify a tense moment, Robinson is a master of using mirth meaningfully. Join us for a lesson in laughter from a performance legend, only on The Humourology Podcast.


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