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Confidence is the Key to Comedy

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Prolific Stand-Up Comedian Simon Evans joins The Humourology Podcast with Paul Boross to share his experiences from a lifetime on the stage, screen, and radio airwaves.

Simon Evans is one of the most respected and best loved stand-up comedians in the UK. His career includes credits on the stage, screen, radio, and writer’s room. You can find him selling out shows across the country or listen to him on Simon Goes to the Market on BBC Radio 4. He has written for shows like Big Breakfast, Eight out of Ten Cats, and Not Going Out, just to name a few. Needless to say, Simon knows a thing or two about what it takes to captivate crowds and make people laugh.
From an early age, Simon saw first-hand the value of comedy in easing tensions and relieving stress. Throughout his career, he has learned just how valuable humour can be for humility and happiness. Simon shares that comedy was a way that he could connect with his father. By laughing together, they grew their connection and perhaps inspired Simon to pursue comedy as a career. When things get tough, Simon knows the tough get laughing.

“I registered at quite an early age that comedy was an important release for tensions and stresses.”

Simon shares that his choice to pursue a career in comedy came with the hopes of bring humility and happiness to the masses. While he agrees the money and the fame are nice, Evans says that the best feeling is to spread joy and create a connection with the crowd at his comedy shows.

Simon Evans


“It was the opportunity to make people’s lives better, to spread a little joy and happiness, or a little bit of warmth and human connection, and also potentially to become rich and famous, which, you know, I didn’t want to eliminate that possibility.”

Simon is a master of captivating crowds and making connections with his audiences. Whether on the stage, through the screen, or over the radio waves, Evans has learned first-hand what it takes to get a crowd on your side. For Evans, comedy is a conversation where the audience pays and agrees not to speak. For Evans, a connection with the crowd is the key to killing it on stage.

“I think the primary responsibility of a comedian is to reassure everyone that they’re fine. Even if you don’t find me funny, I’ll live.”

He knows that performing on stage is requires self-awareness and perception just as much as great material. Simon shared that confidence is the key to killing it in comedy. Comedians who take the time to understand themselves and their status can take the stage with confidence. Evans says that crowds can sense a thread of nervousness. When a crowd can see you are nervous, they are less likely to laugh along with you. Simon says that when you present confidence in yourself, you convince the audience that you believe in your material and are positive that it will leave them in stitches.

Join Simon Evans and Paul Boross for a deep dive on how to connect with crowds through confidence and comedy. Hear how Simon uses psychology and his understanding of human perception to present on onstage persona that inspire confidence, lightness, and laughter from his audience. Listen to how this comedy legend has inspired laughter on the stage, screen, and radio only on The Humourology Podcast.

You can find out more about Simon on his Website

You can book tickets now for his brilliant new Edinburgh Festival show which runs from the 04 -26 August 2023 Here

‘A masterclass’ ***** (Scotsman).

‘Outstanding stuff’ ****½ (

Simon is one of the most interesting, amusing, articulate and erudite people you could hope to spend time with, and I really enjoyed our wonderfully varied conversation.

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See you next Tuesday.


Paul x

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